Incredibles Popsicle Holder

Raid your craft closet and grab out some felt to join the crafting fun to honor the sixth movie that Pixar released in 2004, The Incredibles.

Incredibles Popsicle Holder Supplies

You can free-hand draw or cut the Incredibles logo from your felt, however, to make it easier for you I created this free printable Incredibles logo you can download.

To print the Incredibles logo as a template for cutting the felt, I recommend printing at 40% so it is small enough to fit the popsicle holder. If you print at full size the logo will fit the entire 8.5×11 page. 

Once you print the logo, cut along all the solid black lines to make each section of the logo a separate piece for tracing.

You can cut the logo on regular printer paper to trace to the back of your felt. This way if you do not cut the trace lines exactly, the lines won’t show on the front of your logo. I recommend using white cardstock if you have it so the template is thicker and does not easily rip. Instead of tracing, I held the cardstock against the felt and cut around it by hand. Tracing is easier for kids.

Once you have each piece of the felt logo, it should look like the above photo. The felt should fit together just like the Incredibles logo.

I used hot glue to glue each piece of the logo to a small black piece of felt to give the inside color. You can add a few small dots of glue and it will stick fine.

Once your felt Incredibles logo is finished, set it to the side. For the popsicle holder, I used a thicker piece of red felt. You can find the stiff felt in the same aisle as the regular thin felt. However, either will do. I cut a 4×4.5″ piece of felt to fold in half.

Once folded over, glue the bottom edge and the side edge, leaving the top open. Now it is time to glue down your Incredibles logo.

Disney Pixar Incredibles Felt Popsicle Holder

Now add your popsicle.

What is your favorite popsicle flavor? 

Your Incredibles felt popsicle holder can be reused all summer long. It keeps your hand from freezing while holding your popsicle and if it gets dirty from juice drips, toss it and make another.