Disney Pixar Inside Out Chocolate Cream Cheese Truffles

Inside Out No Bake Chocolate Cream Cheese Truffles

To have a little Disney Pixar Inside Out fun at home, we made these no-bake chocolate cream cheese truffles. They are delicious and gluten-free!

To make the truffle balls we used cream cheese and Cheerios. The Cheerios helped hold the texture together to form into balls while remaining gluten-free. You can also use flour or graham crackers. Get the full chocolate cream cheese truffles recipe below, print and save for later.

I used almond bark white chocolate for covering the truffles to make memory orbs. I added a few drops of food coloring to each batch of chocolate I melted to dip the cream cheese truffles in. I went with green for disgust, yellow for joy, blue for sadness, purple for fear and well… I made pink. I actually forgot to make red and got distracted playing with the bright food coloring. After eating these yummy truffles you will forget all about anger.

You will freeze the truffle balls before dipping them in chocolate so once you dip them the candy coating will harden almost immediately. Do not worry if they are not completely smooth. If you want to add sprinkles to hide your imperfections, go for it. They taste just as yummy either way!

Inside Out No Bake Chocolate Cream Cheese Truffles


  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup Honey Cheerios - crushed
  • Almond Bark
  • food coloring


  1. Whip the cream cheese until smooth.

  2. We added Cheerios to a ziplock bag and used a rolling pin to crush them. Add your sugar and crushed Cheerios to your cream cheese. Mix well.

  3. Form into small truffle size balls. Place on wax paper and in the freezer for at least 30 minutes.

  4. Melt your almond bark, I used one square in each bowl for each color.

  5. Add food coloring to your almond bark and stir.

  6. Dip your frozen cream cheese truffles into the melted almond bark and coat.

  7. The chocolate will freeze on your truffles almost immediately so coat quickly. Do not worry about imperfections, they will taste yummy!

  8. Store in refrigerator and enjoy.

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